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Who We Are

La Mesta Chimie Fine is a technology driven Custom Manufacturing company located in France.
We carry on multistep organic chemistry for sophisticated products. With 50 years of activity in Europe, Japan, US, we offer a flexible and comprehensive service, from process development to industrial manufacture for Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Flavors & Fragrances, Photo Industry, etc.
La Mesta Chimie Fine was founded in 1971 on the French Riviera, 30 km North of Nice. From its very beginning, based on strong specific skills in handling sensitive raw materials, La Mesta Chimie Fine established close partnerships with world-class pharmaceutical companies.
During 20 years, as part of major international groups like SHELL, INSPEC or LAPORTE, La Mesta Chimie Fine could implement the best standards in terms of Quality and Safety, Health & Environment. Since 2000, massive investments were made in the field of new technologies.
La Mesta developed some proprietary solutions for sophisticated chemistry.
La Mesta Chimie Fine is part of Yxens Group.

La Mesta

RAPTOR® technology:
mini continuous flow reactor

RAPTOR® is an industrial scale oriented continuous
flow reactor for intensified chemical processes.
RAPTOR® is a proprietary Technology.

La Mesta


We offer the full range of service that you can expect from your chemical partner.
We develop, industrialize, and manufacture in our site some sophisticated products: starting materials, advanced intermediates, active ingredients.