La Mesta


We offer the full range of service that you can expect from your chemical partner. We develop, industrialize, and manufacture in our site some sophisticated products:
starting materials, advanced intermediates, active ingredients.

In addition to the standard custom synthesis services, we offer innovative technologies developed within our Group.


Our Job

  • Custom manufacturing
    Production under secrecy agreement in our industrial site located in Nice, French Riviera
  • Chemical development from literature or lab process
    Our highly qualified R&D team is able to carry on route scouting, process design, laboratory testing and validation.
  • Process optimization and industrialisation
    Using some standard batch equipment or innovative technologies for scaling up. Innovative technologies are always considered for process optimization and intensification.
  • Catalogue products
    Our catalogue is not the full list of products that we are able to provide but just illustrates the type or family of products on which we consider that we have a specific know-how.

We aim to maintain our competitive advantage by investing on the technologies of the future.

La Mesta