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The development of an effective chemical route of synthesis is performed by our R&D team starting from:

  • a molecule draw,
  • a literature study
  • a Lab / Pilot process.

One of the specific strengths of La Mesta team is its ability to scale-up, optimize and intensify a process in order to implement the most effective solution for industrial production.

Our specific know-how

Development Process

For any project, we are able to offer a target price calculated on paper prior to any commitment from the customer. In most of the cases, we provide this offer in principle one week after the detailed demand reception. If this target price meets the customer’s requirements, our R&D team of PHD and technicians dedicated to process and analytical method developments will perform a feasibility study in order to check that assumptions made on paper are achievable in flasks ranging from 0.5 litres to 10 litres.

From this lab study, La Mesta will provide some representative samples for quality cross-check. Once feasibility has been confirmed and product quality has been accepted, we will work on intensification, repeatability and robustness of the process in order to prepare industrialization.

Prior to industrial scale, La Mesta can offer Pilot production, using our pilot plant equipped with multipurpose reactors ranging from 50 to 200 litres, distillation capabilities up to 60 plates, autoclaves for pressure chemistry, and with continuous flow reactors Raptor®.

Specific Focus

At the very beginning and all along the development of each project, two aspects are carefully studied:

  • a Process safety: we start our safety study from the first process evaluations using all the availaible tests: DSC, RC1, powder stability (EMI, friction…) etc.
    If a safety study requires a technique not available at La Mesta, then tests are subcontracted.
  • a Chemical Engineering Optimization: La Mesta is particularly strong in Chemical Engineering and equipment adaptation is considered at any stage for improvement of process / quality / safety.
La Mesta