La Mesta

Continuous flow synthesis

La Mesta is one of the few companies worldwide which is able to offer continuous industrial flow chemistry for Fine Chemicals.
For us, Continuous is not just a concept or a trendy idea. Our first Raptor® continuous flow reactor was designed and constructed in 2004 and equipment were multiplied so far. The first industrial productions in Raptor® technology begun in 2006 and continuous reactors are just an available tool that can be used if required by the process considered.


Reasons for switching to Continuous

  • Ability to handle hazardous chemicals
  • Better control of highly exothermic reactions
  • Higher productivity / reduced costs
  • Limited side reactions and unstable intermediate accumulation due to kinetic acceleration
  • Improved selectivity
  • Ability to carry out very high pressure reactions
  • Lower waste management and energy costs (solvents reduction)

We perform continuous reactions with flow rates ranging from 5 to 150 litters per hour in campaigns ranging from hundreds of kilos to tens of tons of material. When a campaign is finished, the equipment is cleaned and prepared for next product.

Continuous for APIs
One Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient was produced in Raptor® at La Mesta for the first time in 2012 and filed accordingly.

La Mesta