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Raptor® technlology

RAPTOR®, is a proprietary technology developed within our group. It is an industrial scale oriented continuous flow reactor for intensified chemical processes.
RAPTOR® is equipped with a high speed stirring system combined with efficient thermal transfer. This technology allows to handle very hazardous or highly exothermic reactions in safe conditions. With Raptor® technology, we lower waste generation and energy consumption.
20% of our current turnover involves this innovative technology.

Technical features

Pressure: 300 bar (4,350 psi)
Temperature: -100°C (150°F) to +300°C (570°F)
Heat exchange Area /volume: 150 m2/m3 (3 to 5 m2/m3 for a batch reactor)
Stirring system: 0 to 1,500 rpm
Residence time: 10 seconds to few minutes
Flow rate: from 5 to 150 liters per hour (1.3 to 40 gallons per hour)

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